Sophia's Testimonial:
    "Enrique was very pleasant and very convincing!"

    Nathan's Testimonial:
    "Very friendly sales staff. Easy to work with - not pushy!! Very informative of products and their uses. Thank you - I am enjoying my bracelets."

    Ella's Testimonial:
    "They allowed choosing where the very expensive bracelet goes. Worked on me and trusted me for about an hour; it worked and I bought it."

    Vincent's Testimonial:
    "Excellent product, great customer service, awesome."

    Lila's Testimonial:
    "The guy that we bought it from was very informative and very nice to deal with. Would buy from him again if need be."

    Oliver's Testimonial:
    "Always friendly and professional."

    Laureen's Testimonial:
    "We went to a home and garden show, and we bought the tens unit because of my feet mainly. I tried it at the show and again that night and in the morning, my feet already felt better. I used it twice the next day, next morning I could walk on our tile floors barefoot (terracotta tiles). My feet feel like I am walking on rocks, and now it is unreal how fast the tens unit worked for me. I will tell my friends who might need one. TY Dmitri Turov did an excellent job selling the product; he was very kind, funny, caring, and most of all not pushy. I don't do pushy. He also introduced us to Oscar that had the bracelets which we bought 2 of. Thank you so much for your products."

    Laureen's Continued Testimonial:
    "Went to a home and garden show and bought the tens unit because of my feet. I asked if it would help me with my balance and he introduced us to Oscar with the bracelets. I have a balance problem and could not believe how fast the bracelet worked. We bought 2 of them. I even retested mine at home; it is amazing, and so far I am very happy. Hope it keeps working for a very long time. Oscar was very nice and believes in what he is selling. They are pretty pricey but to have my balance be better it is all worth it to me. A tens unit and a bracelet all in one day I should be good to go. TY Laureen Kroll."

    David's Testimonial:
    "High-quality products."

    Emily's Testimonial:
    "Associate well versed in product use. Immediate relief from back pain."

    William's Testimonial:
    "My experience was outstanding; the selection was good, could have been a little more but all things bearing as they are the wife, and I are quite Happy, Thank You."

    Samantha's Testimonial:
    "The rep. was very helpful, and the demo worked for both my husband and me."

    Justin's Testimonial:
    "The deal given at the show seemed to be more reasonable than the list price. Demonstration sell allowed me to test your product before deciding."

    Megan's Testimonial:
    "The demo your rep did on my sore shoulder actually sold me on this product. I let a friend use it on her foot, and she is buying one at this time."

    Daniel's Testimonial:
    "The service person was very knowledgeable, pleasant, it was a pleasure dealing with him."

    Rebecca's Testimonial:
    "Very personal salesman. Very good at his job. Very friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable about the product and took quality time with us. Great experience."

    Sophie's Testimonial:
    "The salesman was great at explaining and convincing me to buy a bracelet. I hope this bracelet improves my everyday life as it says it will!"

    Nicole's Testimonial:
    "Hello, I hope you remember me. I purchased the bracelets at the OC Women's Expo in Anaheim. They are working well. My pain, which has always been extreme is at least 95% improved. I have also noticed increased energy. I do not take them off. I have only cleaned them on the magnet side with water and cloth. Is there anything else I should be doing? I am referring a lady to you. I am giving her your name, website, and phone #. She is wearing two bracelets and wants another two-toned. I told her that you said you'd give her the 2 for one deal or at least a good price. Thank you for introducing me to this awesome product. I have gotten many compliments on the bracelets. When can afford it, I will purchase another from you. Best Wishes."

    Andrew's Testimonial:
    "I disbelieve that this band on the wrist would help back issues. I can walk but would have to sit after a period of time. No back pain. No More. I have more energy. I thought this was some sort of snake oil stuff. This really works!!!!"

    Hannah's Testimonial:
    "Not sure of the sales guy's name but he was awesome! How could I not buy a bracelet from this guy? Great experience. I wear the bracelet everywhere, but work (machinery) and I love it. Thanks!"

    Marcus's Testimonial:
    "I came to wearing the bracelet because I needed something to help the pain in my back. This solved this issue and helped with my sleep. More of what I feel another time. I thought this was snake oil, but it WORKS!!!!"

    Mia's Testimonial:
    "The message I have multiple sclerosis and arthritis in my spine... I'm in pain constantly... or should I say was... I was extremely skeptical... I wore it from the time my husband and I purchased it at a home and garden show in Merced CA.. next morning I woke up with no pain... no pain in 10yrs. I was amazed... just amazed... I can't believe how this (simple) bracelet improved my life. I'm only 28 with 3 kids ages 8, 5, and 2.... this bracelet has given me my life back.... it's incredible and I'm beyond thankful and blessed and this was absolutely one of the best choices I have ever made and I will never take it off. I will forever own one and have it on my body..."

    Joni's Testimonial:
    "Hello, my bracelet came today! Thank you for the excellent customer service! My husband and I will highly recommend your bracelets!! Joni Halvorson"

    Matthew's Testimonial:
    "Began working for me in a very short time, balance immediately, pain reduction in 15-20 minutes, during the demonstration. Brought the sports band home for daughter, who has acute leg pain after back surgery. She received some better in 2-3 hrs & took a lower dose pain meds. Can't wait to see what happens after a week."

    Liam's Testimonial:
    "I am amazed at how good I felt all day after purchasing and wearing the band- I have a lot of severe chronic pain from sports injuries and surgeries and a traffic accident so the relief is great and it is awesome to have reduced pain and even alleviated pain."