Is your site secure?

Yes, it is safe to order on UltrabandUSA.com. We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged with our site server.

What if I need extra help or advice about my purchase?

As a complimentary service, our knowledgeable customer service staff is available to provide you with suggestions for all occasions and personal needs. To contact one of our Personal Shoppers, please call 1(888) 235-8509 or email support@ultrabandusa.com.

Have the UltraBand Bracelets been tested for saftey?

Absolutely! UltraBand has been working with expects and biologist around the world to ensure that what manufacture is not only highly effective, but is tested for safety.

Which arm should I wear the bracelet on?

The beauty about UltraBand's products is the simple fact that it is effective on either wrist. 

Are your products waterproof?

Yes! Feel free to wear our bracelets in the shower or in the pool.